Conveyor Specifications & Accessories

Metzgar is your go-to strategic partner for conveyor systems and accessories for a wide variety of material handling applications. Click on the product categories below to learn more about our conveyor and accessories’ specifications.

Line Shaft Conveyors

Ideal for automation applications with light-to-medium product loads up to 40 lbs. per foot.

Belt Conveyors

Custom Slider Bed and Roller Belt Conveyors in horizontal, inclined, and portable configurations.

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors

Used to convey loads up to 1,900 lbs. in an array of environments.

Leg & Stand Supports

Diverse selection of Support Legs and Stands for all types of conveyors.

Guard Rails

Conveyor Rails that control the flow of product to help prevent fall damage.

Brakes & Stops

Accessories that slow or stop product on a variety of conveyors.

Traffic Controller

Used for product flow at conveyor merge sections to prevent collision.

Turning Wheels

Used for converging products from a spur onto a powered conveyor.

Custom Accessories

Don't see the accessory you need? We can design and manufacture one for your application.

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