Line Shaft Driven Live Roller Conveyors

Line Shaft Driven Conveyors utilize a drive shaft which runs the length of the conveyor. Torque created in the drive spools, from the rotating shaft, is used to power each roller via a urethane belt. A significant advantage of this type of live roller conveyor is the ability to direct the shaft around curves, as a power source for several devices such as spurs, transfers, etc. If the weight of your product is above 40 lbs per roller, please contact a Metzgar Representative to discuss solutions.



There is plenty of drive to move your product, however, if a foreign object becomes caught between rollers, each roller, drive spool, and belt will operate as a safety slip clutch. Also, a full length safety guard is provided around the rotating drive shafts.


Rollers can be assembled in sections to rotate in opposite directions in order to achieve bi-directional travel simultaneously on one unit.


The unique drive system eliminates pressure rollers and flat belt surfaces that create dirt and grime gathering areas. Conveyor rollers touch only the surfaces of the product they convey.


Line Shaft conveyors are much quieter than conventional Live Roller conveyors because there are fewer moving parts to make noise. The drive belts hold the rollers firmly under tension, eliminating a major source of rattling in roller conveyor.


Line Shaft Conveyors can be easily modified to perform a variety of special functions previously requiring expensive redesigns. Straight sections, curves, spurs and transfers can all beĀ  driven by a single motor, which means a considerable savings in installation and energy consumption costs.


Our Line Shaft Driven Live Roller Conveyors are used in a wide array of applications. Some of the notable applications we serve include:

  • Shipping Operations
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Parcel
  • Food & Beverage

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