Belt Conveyors

Gravity Wheel Feeder

Gravity Wheel Feeders are normally used in two ways.

  1. A system where a Gravity line is feeding onto a Line Booster, and a Power Tail is not desired.
  2. When manually loading products onto an Interfloor Conveyor.

Feeder Details:

  • Consist of an 18” long section of wheel conveyor with close packed wheels on 1 ½” centers.
  • Feeder attaches to the shaft of a 419-end assembly.
  • The unit is self-supporting with enough adjustment to allow for proper feed angle on any Incline Conveyor.
  • A Pivot Gap Plate raises the leading edge of packages declining on the unit to prevent jamming near the first row of wheels, the Pivot Plate bridges the gap between the beds for the inclining product.


  • One End Pulley is required on an End Drive Conveyor without a Power Tail.
  • One End Pulley is required on a Center Drive with a Power Tail.
  • Two End Pulleys are required on a Center Drive without a Power Tail.