Gravity Conveyors

Gravity Conveyors are ideal in applications that require ease of transportation and accumulation of cartons, boxes, etc. The three main types of Gravity Conveyors are Wheel, Roller, and Roller Ball.



No motors or drive components. Each element turns independently of all other elements in the system, virtually eliminating pinch points.


Set the system flat requiring items to be pushed manually along the conveyor. Or, set on an incline allowing gravity to control the flow speed and direction.


We provide a full line of curves, stands, gates, supports & other accessories for gravity conveyors. We also offer several different load capacities and material types to fit nearly every application.


Requires the lowest initial investment of any of our product lines. There is also no power consumption and little to no maintenance required making them a very economical solution.

Environmentally Friendly

Does not consume facility resources. They can be placed in virtually any environment and relocated as demand dictates with little to no impact on the environment itself.


Our Gravity Conveyors are used in a wide array of applications. Some of the notable applications we serve include:

  • Shipping Operation
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Parcel
  • Industrial

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