Conveyor Sortation Devices

Conveyor Sortation Devices are used to sort products to other lines or destinations. Our sortation devices include diverters, pop-ups and transfer devices that are precisely timed to sort and divert whatever product you need to move accurately. Our Sales and Engineering departments will work with your team to recommend the best solution for your operation.



Solutions are designed per application to ensure they are sized correctly. They can be designed for Slug Sorting or Individual Diverts. From powered to passive, our solutions can be tailored to your needs.


Sortation Systems are sized and designed to the application. This means they are purposely built to give you long lasting, trouble-free operation.


Our team can help you integrate a divert into any system, even if it’s not our conveyor. We can often design a solution for your facility with little to no alteration to your existing equipment.


Our Sortation Systems are used in a wide array of applications. Some of the notable applications we serve include:

  • Parcel
  • Shipping Operations
  • E-Commerce
  • Routing

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