24v DC Powered Roller Conveyors

24v DC Powered Roller Conveyors are an attractive choice when energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and versatility are important features for your next conveyor system.  These systems can be used to convey a broad range of products. Each section of the conveyor is powered by it’s own motor and when fitted with sensors allows careful handling of your product. Our system can be highly customized to meet every specification for your application.



Our Standard design sets the powered roller low in the frame. This keeps the drive roller safe from contact with the products. Any impact is absorbed by the idler rollers, which means this system is ready for the most demanding applications.


System can be configured as chain driven, urethane belt driven, or with our new V-belt design. All configurations offer a full range of speed and torque settings which deliver the precise fit for your system and application.

Ease of Use

Choose from any of the many built-in run modes to get up and running fast. If you would like something a little more customized, our free programming software will let you take full advantage of the on board I/O and drive capabilities. If you still want more, our controllers can act as a driver only and your PLC can be the controls.

Low Down Time

Our control cards and rollers can be changed without reprogramming. Just swap out the damaged unit, apply power, and the system reprograms itself saving you time and frustration.


Our 24V DC Powered Roller Conveyors are used in a wide array of applications. Some of the notable applications we serve include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Fulfillment
  • Shipping Operations
  • Food & Beverage

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