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Metzgar Conveyors manufactures a full line of individual conveyor components and conveyor systems designed to meet individual customer requirements. We have been providing efficient solutions for a wide range of material handling needs since 1933.

Customer Solutions

Metzgar delivers a full range of supply chain solutions designed to meet your individual needs.

The Right Choice

Metzgar Conveyors designs, manufactures and installs package handling, unit handling and pallet handling systems, conveyor systems, material handling equipment and controllers.

Whether your project requires one conveyor section or thousands of integrated sections with robot interfacing, contact us to find out how we can help make your company more productive.

  • Ball transfer strips
  • Ball transfer tables
  • Ball transfer types
  • Belt driven live roller
  • Belt conveyor
  • Belt conveyor line
  • 480 chain driven live roller
  • 480 Chain driven live roller transfer
  • Chain driven live roller curve
  • 480 chain driven live roller
  • Large conveyor control panel
  • Drag chain
  • Drag chain with transfer
  • dual panel
  • Chain driven live roller in operation
  • Gravity line
  • Gravity line
  • Gravity wheel line
  • Tilt stations
  • Chain driven live roller in operation
  • Special transfer cart
  • Incline belt unit
  • infeed panel
  • Lineshaft
  • Lineshaft curve
  • Lineshaft with transfer
  • Lineshaft in operation
  • m-45-sortation-device
  • m-5050-right-angle-pusher
  • m-60-pivoting-divert-sorter
  • m-90-hispeed-pivoting
  • Powered belt unit
  • Powered belt to lineshaft curve
  • Powered belt with sorter
  • Powered belt with gravity feeds
  • Powered belt with gravity feeds
  • Portable powered belt unit
  • Portable powered belt unit detail
  • Drag chain with plastic belt and sorting tables

Metzgar Conveyors Company, Inc. first entered the Material Handling field in 1933 with the production of an end-wood wheel for industrial trucks.

Three years later, Metzgar began production of Conveyors and Material Handling Systems. In the early 1950's, the innovation of Nylo-wheel® and Nylo-bearing® equipped conveyors helped to triple sales volumes. As rapid growth continued in the material handling industry, our line broadened to include pallet, package and part handling systems:

The most complete line of pallet, package and part handling conveyors available.

Metzgar conveyor systems are based on three concepts vital to customer satisfaction:

Economy is realized through unit standardization. We build our conveyors in standard sizes that are adaptable to most installations. As a result, your Metzgar system will be engineered from production-line units sold at a competitive price.

Standardization also means you can purchase one conveyor section now and add to it as your transport needs increase. That's versatility!

You are assured that our high production standards and rigid quality control produce conveyors of consistent excellence and dependable performance.

Call Metzgar. One of our in-house engineers will review your material handling needs and work with you to plan an efficient material handling solution.

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